Hobbit House
Available May 15 - October 15 as:
*Seasonal Rental (preferred) - contact Cris for details at
adkcabins@berk.com or 518.524.0533
Two weeks or more at a time ($1200/two weeks)
Hobbit House is also for sale - contact Cris for details at
adkcabins@berk.com or 518.524.0533
It's a charming old hunting camp.  This one is right out of a fairy tale.
Truly, a rustic, old, native cedar post cabin in the woods, with lots of charm and Adirondack appeal.
    2 single beds on 2nd floor (up a narrow staircase)
- 2 small porches
- Tub with shower
- Furnished kitchen
-Outdoor picnic
  table w/fireplace
-Bed linens are provided;     Bring your towels
Not recommended for phone modems due to download time.
- Indoor native stone
  raised fireplace
Cris Winters
For more information
call Cris Winters
at 518-524-0533
e-mail me
2 bedrooms, sleeps 4
1 double bed on
main floor